Melty Colors Dev Diary - Part 3

I’m done and it’s live ! You can now visit Melty Colors at this address. I managed to finish this project in roughly a week which was quite challenging but I’m happy I’m done close to the game release (it released on thursday).

I ended making some small adjustments to the technologies I used but nothing major. The core Javalin/Jte/JDBI stack stayed, and I only added htmx on the frontend (only for pagination purposes so very light usage). I didn’t add alpine.js because I figured I didn’t need much interactivity.

I wanted to have to configure as little things as possibly, so I ended up using SQLite as my database and Caddy as my reverse proxy. Caddy is pretty awesome as it allowed me to get an HTTPS enabled reverse proxy with no code or configuration (I just edited the provided systemd service with the command “caddy reverse-proxy –from –to localhost:7000”). I’m also using systemd services to take care of the java process.

All in all it worked pretty well, I really like using that stack, now I’ll have to see how it handles actual users.